What makes this program?

This program scans your device for all the installed programs, sorts them on the possibility and impossibility of the patch and place the application in which the patch can be useful at the beginning of the list. You can apply a patch to it, and if it works, then you will have a fully registered program. In last version adds the ability to block annoying ads in applications, but not everywhere and always work. Before applying the patch is recommended to make a backup of the application!

The reasons that crack made this program may not work:

1.Firmware update
2.Clearing Dalvik-Cache from recovery
3.Installing mods modify the files in the folder system/framework - batteries, the shut down menu - it also results in recreate Dalvik cache
4.Also noticed that every 1-2 weeks dalvik-cache is updated, and this leads to that the patch is lost.
If the patcher writes you that your root is wrong, although other applications requiring root-rights work for you without problems: Luckypatcher uses root slightly "deeper" and so all sorts of flaws in your root may interfere with proper operation of the patcher.